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Featured Items

Welcome to WiseWood Veneer's featured product page. Here you can find a wide range of high quality products from our standard, premium or even architectural grade veneers on a variety of backers. The products featured are large project over runs, non-standard size, or just overstock that we can offer at great prices!

The prices listed here are not subject to any further discounts, sales, or other specials. Please call or email us at 855.883.6337 (855.8VENEER) or [email protected] with any questions or to place an order. We will gladly answer any questions regarding our featured products.

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3' x 102" High Figure Birdseye Maple
4' x 102" High Figured Curly Maple
High Figure Ropey Cherry
Light Figure Walnut
Speckled Alder
Heavy Figure Ropey Cherry 10'
Flat Cut Teak

Also Available Sale Items
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4' x 8' Seq. Rift White Oak 10mil (seq. of 8 & 6) @ $2.50 / sf
4' x 7' Comb Grain rift White Oak 10mil @ $2.39 / sf
4' x 8' F/C Mahogany 20mil @ $1.39 / sf
4' x 8' Utility Grade F/C Cherry 10mil @ $.99 / sf or 20mil @ $1.25 / sf
2' x 4' Assorted species w/ PSA @ $20.00 ea.

High Figure Birdseye Maple

3' x 102" FlexVen™10 (10 mil) paper backed veneer

$9.89 sq. ft.

5 sheets available on white paper

This high figure premium birdseye maple veneer has a consistent prominent birds eye figure and is perfect for smaller projects or accent pieces. All sheets are sequenced, consistently figured and devoid of any dark mineral steaks or worm tracks.

Veneer Sheets of Premium Birdseye 3x8 Maple Close Up of Six Sheets High Figure bird's eye Maple Veneer Highly figured 3x8 birdseye Maple Wood Veneer Close Up
High Figure Premium 3x8 Bird's Eye Maple

Speckled Alder

4' x 8' FlexVen™10 (10 mil) paper backed veneer

$3.29 sq. ft.

17 sheets available

This flat cut alder veneer has a consistent speckled figure running through its wide flitches that is created by worms tracks and vine marks. This is perfect for larger projects or wall panels. All sheets are sequenced.

Seventeen Sheets of Speckled Figure 4x8 Alder Veneer. Close Up of seventeen Sheets speckled 4x8 Alder Veneer Spotty Alder Wood Veneer Close Up
Speckled Flat Cut Alder Veneer.