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Alder, Knotty 4x10 FlexVen™ 20

Alder veneer, also known as rustic alder wood veneer or random planked alder veneer is typically a pinkish tan to reddish brown color that darkens and reddens with age. Alder, Knotty FlexVen™ 20 is a 20mil 4’ x 10’ (40 sq. ft.) paper backed flexible veneer sheet. It is random planked with the grain running along the 8’ dimension. Knotty alder wood veneer commonly has defects such as sound knots, small worm tracks and other natural grain anomalies. Rustic alder is a hardwood that is easy to work with and strong, with a satiny, fine texture and tight grain. Another common grain characteristic of knotty alder veneer is color variance between flitches. Knotty alder wood veneer will accept stains and finishes well but is often finished with a clear coat that preserves the warmth and beauty of the wood’s natural color.

$4.25 per square foot

Pricing is listed as full sheet.

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