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Paperbacked flexible wood veneer sheet available in 10 mil or 20 mil.FlexVen™ 10 Mil And FlexVen™ 20 Mil paperbacked veneer

FlexVen™ paperback veneer is the essential choice for any project requiring wood veneer. Stable yet flexible, FlexVen™ is able to bend and conform to tight radiuses as well as flat surfaces. The FlexVen™ 10 mil backer is very flexible and is a great choice for pressing on contoured or flat surfaces. If you don't have a press, the extra stability and thickness of FlexVen™ 20 mil backer is ideally suited for use with contact cement.

Polyback or phenolic flexible wood veneer sheet.Tuf-Pli™ polyback veneer

When you need added strength and durability but want to maintain flexibility Tuf-Pli™ wood veneer is your choice. Tuf-Pli™ is natural wood veneer bonded to a polymer resin backer giving it extra stability and durability while maintaining its flexibility. This is an excellent alternative to traditional laminate backed veneer which is stiff and more susceptible to breaking or splitting.

Wood on Wood or 2 Ply flexible wood veneer sheet.Pli-Flex™ 2-ply or wood on wood veneer

When you project calls for all wood veneer sheets 2-Ply wood backed veneer is the product for you. Pli-Flex™ is a quality veneer face laminated to a cross grain veneer backer. The perpendicular grain between the two layers adds stability and flexibility to the veneer sheet and the extra thickness helps to protect against substrate telegraphing. The all wood construction of wood on wood sheets also helps to camouflage edge lines giving your project a cleaner appearance.

Peel and stick or pressure sensitive adhesive flexible wood veneer sheet.PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) Veneer pre-glued flexible veneer

Wood veneering couldn't be any easier than using WiseWood PSA flexible veneer. By starting with quality 10 mil veneer we make it even simpler by applying a patented 3M pressure sensitive adhesive to the back. This "peel and stick" concept for applying veneer is tried and true. For professionals and non-professionals alike, you won't find an easier more trouble free solution to almost any wood veneering project. PSA veneer is ideal for cabinet re-facing, re-doing speaker cabinets and general veneering on a variety of surfaces. Get the PDF version of the PSA application instructions.

FlexVen™ 10 Paperback Veneer
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FlexVen™ 20 Paperback Veneer
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Cross Grain Paperback Veneer
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Tuf-Pli™ Polyback Veneer
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Pli-Flex™ Wood on Wood Veneer
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PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) Veneer
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