Flexible Wood Veneer Product Options

When it comes to high quality, flexible wood veneer sheets and wood edge banding you have choices at WiseWood Veneer. We offer a wide variety of flexible veneers for almost any budget, application or purely aesthetic value. Our wood veneer comes in various sizes, species selections and backer options. If you’re unsure about what will work best for your application we are available specifically to help assist you with your selection. We are confident in our products and our knowledge and will do our best to pass that confidence along to you.

FlexVen™ 10 Mil & FlexVen™ 20 Mil

paperbacked wood veneer

FlexVen™ paperback veneer is the essential choice for any project requiring wood veneer. Stable yet flexible, FlexVen™ is able to bend and conform to tight radii as well as flat surfaces. The FlexVen™ 10 mil backer is very flexible and is a great choice for pressing on contoured or flat surfaces. If you don’t have a press, the extra stability and thickness of FlexVen™ 20 mil backer is ideally suited for use with contact cement.

  • Economical and beautiful
  • Many domestic and exotic species available
  • Production sanded wood veneer to 150 grit
  • Cuts easily with utility knife, razor knife or scissors
  • Available in 4’x8′ and 4’x10′ sheets
  • Available with 3M pressure sensitive adhesive
  • FlexVen™ 20 mil suitable for use with contact cement


polyback wood veneer

When you need added strength and durability but want to maintain flexibility Tuf-Pli™ wood veneer is your choice. Tuf-Pli™ is natural wood veneer bonded to a polymer resin backer giving it extra stability and durability while maintaining its flexibility. This is an excellent alternative to traditional laminate backed veneer which is stiff and more susceptible to breaking or splitting.

  • Rivals the durability of laminate back veneer while providing superior flexibility
  • Dimensionally more stable and resistant to movement
  • Reduces the chances of bubbling and substrate telegraphing
  • Resistant to tearing or damage
  • Production sanded to 150 grit
  • Available in most domestic species in 4’x8′ and 4’x10′ sheets


2-ply or wood on wood veneer

When your project calls for all wood veneer sheets 2-Ply wood backed veneer is the product for you. Pli-Flex™ is a quality veneer face laminated to a cross grain veneer backer. The perpendicular grain between the two layers adds stability and flexibility to the veneer sheet and the extra thickness helps to protect against substrate telegraphing. The all wood construction of wood on wood sheets also helps to camouflage edge lines giving your project a cleaner appearance.

  • Dimensionally stable and resistant to movement
  • Reduced edge lines
  • Resistant to bubbling and substrate telegraphing
  • Increased flexibility
  • Faces production sanded to 150 grit
  • Available in most domestic species in 4’x8′ and 4’x10′ sheets

PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) Veneer

pre-glued flexible wood veneer

Wood veneering couldn’t be any easier than using WiseWood PSA flexible wood veneer. By starting with quality 10 mil veneer we make it even simpler by applying a patented 3M™ pressure sensitive adhesive to the back. This “peel and stick” concept for applying veneer is tried and true. For professionals and non-professionals alike, you won’t find an easier more trouble free solution to almost any wood veneering project. PSA veneer is ideal for cabinet re-facing, re-doing speaker cabinets and general veneering on a variety of surfaces. Get the PDF version of the PSA application instructions.

  • Eliminates the need for messy glues and adhesives
  • Simple to cut and trim with ordinary scissors or sharp utility knife
  • Pre-sanded and ready to use
  • 48 ½” wide 3M™ adhesive to ensure full 48″ coverage
  • Can be used on surfaces other than wood
  • Available in many domestic wood species in small sheets: 2’x8′ peel and stick veneers
  • Can be added as an option on wood veneer sheets in 4’x8′ and 4’x10′

Reconstituted Veneer

eco-friendly wood veneer

WiseWood Veneer is pleased to offer our reconstituted veneer as an environmentally friendly alternative to some of the more rare and expensive exotic wood species. It’s also a great option for those projects where veneer color and consistency is critical from start to finish. Made with fast growing renewable natural wood sources, reconstituted veneer is produced by laminating different colors of dyed veneer in alternating layers. This process produces natural looking wood grains and colors thought only to exist in nature… until now.

  • Environmentally friendly and responsibly produced
  • Free from natural defects and anomalies
  • Color and grain consistent from sheet to sheet
  • Real wood, not plastic laminate
  • More affordable than many expensive exotic species
  • Available in a variety of backers

Cabinet Refacing Kits

a great DIY solution

Give your dated but sound cabinets a facelift and breathe new life into your kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities. Our cabinet refacing kits are designed to help reduce your remodeling costs. They come in four sizes and include everything you need to make your cabinet refacing project simple. Each kit comes complete with a sheet(s) of peel and stick veneer, hot melt adhesive edge banding, a veneer scraper, a snap off blade utility knife, and other useful accessories. Following the thorough and comprehensive instructions you can easily put a new face on your old cabinets and vanities. The veneer and edge banding will accept stains and finishes well so customizing and matching colors is also a snap.

  • Eliminates the need for messy glues and adhesives
  • Simple to cut and trim with ordinary scissors or sharp utility knife
  • Pre-sanded and ready to use
  • 48 ½” wide 3M™ adhesive to ensure full 48″ coverage
  • Can be used on surfaces other than wood
  • Available in most domestic wood species in 2’x8′ and 4’x8′ sheets
  • Can be added as an option on most other species in 4’x8′ and 4’x10′

Edge Banding

iron-on and fleece-back

WiseWood wood veneer edge banding is the perfect compliment and finishing touch on your veneered panels and edges. Quality wood veneers are expertly joined to create continuous rolls of ready to use trim to finish off unsightly edges. Our edge band is available in a variety of sizes and wood species. You also have a choice between a pre-glued hot melt adhesive or a fleece-back for automated applications.

  • Available for most common wood species
  • Comes in standard widths from 7/8″ – 2″
  • Roll lengths from 50′ up to 500′ for commercial applications
  • Convenient, easy to use and trim with ordinary tools
  • Other sizes and species available as special orders

It is strongly recommended that all veneer sheets got through an acclimation process. Wood veneer is a versatile, organic material that reacts to changes in environmental conditions. Veneer is hygroscopic which means it emits and absorbs moisture. When you receive your veneer it needs to acclimatize to conditions in your environment to reach equilibrium. The ideal environment to achieve equilibrium with your veneer is defined as 30-55% relative humidity at a temperature range between 55-85 degrees F. Prior to application, allow your veneer a minimum of 48-72 hours lying flat out of the box within the range of conditions stated. It’s also important that your substrate be acclimatized in the same conditions as the veneer to have greater success and avoid problems.

All veneer sheets are production sanded only, NOT FINISH SANDED. They will require additional sanding prior to finishing.