WiseWood Veneer Research and Resource Links

Here you will find links to our partners, organizations and other websites that provide quality information about veneer, veneer application and woodworking in general. In addition to these sites we also included links to some very informative articles on wood and veneer species, grading specifications and the veneer industry in general. In addition to being your number one veneer supplier, our goal is also to be a one stop resource site. We believe in educating our customers and encourage you to visit the sites and read the articles.

If you have a website and would like to be included on our link page or if you have a suggestion for an article or site we should link to please contact us via email at info@wisewoodveneer.com. Thank you.

Resource and Information

HPVA – The Hardwood Plywood & Veneer Association (HPVA) offers a wide variety of valuable information, resources, and grading standards on hardwood plywood, veneer, and engineered flooring.

AWI – The Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI) has been a leading source of information and standards to the woodworking industry for more than half a century.

Veneernet.com – Information about everything wood veneer related. A great site for worldwide producers of wood veneer, hardwood, plywood, and machinery!

Red Book Online – Powered by the Woodworking Network, it is the leading source for woodworking equipment, supplies, and service trends. An excellent resource.

WoodWeb – A leading source of woodworking industry information with an excellent forum.

The Wood Database – A fantastic online resource to help identify any wood species on the planet. Also great information about wood species characteristics and other general woodworking information.

Building Online – Where the building industry is found on the internet.

ReadWatchDo – Woodworker, illustrator, and author Bob Lang put together this excellent site for general woodworking information.

Industry Products and Services

The Finishing Store – Great source for expert finishing information, supplies and accessories.

Veneer Systems, Inc. – One of the best suppliers of veneer accessories and tools. Everything from veneer tape to veneer manufacturing machinery.

Mohawk Finishing Products – Excellent wood finishing and touch up products geared toward smaller shops and specialty finishers. A great and resourceful web site focusing on customer education of myriad finishing methods and processes.

M.L. Campbell – A leading manufacturer of fine wood finishes including topcoats, sealer, undercoats, stains/ dyes and glazes. Outstanding customer support.

Quality VAKuum Products, Inc. – Top of the line vacuum presses and accessories at reasonable prices.

Stiles Machinery Inc. – Stiles is the exclusive distributor of the full array of Kuper veneering machines and B�rkle roll coating machines. For over 45 years, Stiles has provided world class equipment and a full range of education and support services, making us a leader in the industry.

Prime Estimating & Software Services, LLC – Estimating software for the AWI [Architectural Woodwork Institute] architectural woodwork, casework, millwork and store fixture industry. Special/custom work is our specialty.


Woodworking Network – Publisher of Wood & Wood Products and Custom Woodworking Business magazines and a home for professional woodworkers by providing information, education, inspiration and community — when, where and how they want it.

Woodshop News – Excellent up to date articles on all wood industry related topics, from new tools to new techniques.

Fine Woodworking – A staple in all current woodworking trends, often times including veneer.

Woodworking Guilds

The Southeast Michigan Woodworkers – A woodworkers’ club open to woodworkers of all skill levels. The SEMIWW organizes numerous special activities including shop tours and weekend seminars in the Ypsilanti, Michigan area.

Woodworking and Veneering

RonBryze.com – An Informational and Educational Website for Professional Wood Finishers. Includes classes and videos on finishing as well as a lot of information on all aspects of various finishing processes.

Equilibrium Moisture Content of Wood in Outdoor Locations in the United States and Worldwide – A very informative report by the U.S. Forest Service on the equilibrium moisture content for wood in different regions of the country (and the world) for different times of the year. This information can be used to minimize problems with your woodworking problems, from warping and cupping to checking in the finish. Available in PDF format.

Veneer and Wood Reference Articles

Wood Species Guide – A species guide that provides detailed information about the color, texture and characteristics of various wood species. Additionally, you will find a glossary with common terms used in the lumber industry.

Advancement in Wood Veneer Durability and Backing – An excellent article, written by Bill Esler, that covers some of the most common problems and troubleshooting solutions when working with and laying up wood veneer. The most critical aspect is acclimation of the veneer and the substrate. Whether the wood veneer and substrate reach equilibrium will even have an effect on the finish and finishing process. A very good read. We highly recommend it for anyone laying up their own veneer and wanting to avoid problems.

Defining Hardwood Veneer Log Quality Attributes – A great article on the criteria for determining and grading veneer logs written by the USDA. Includes information on slicing and matching of veneer and how all factors influence veneer price. PDF format.

Product Standard for Imported Wood Veneer and Platforms – The IPHA standards for imported veneer faces and cores. Includes information and definitions of common wood veneer defects and matching patterns. PDF format.


Architectural Woodwork Institute Great Lakes Chapter – The AWI Great Lakes Chapter membership is comprised of firms who operate a woodwork manufacturing business in the Great Lakes region, along with other people in the area with an interest in the woodworking industry – suppliers, educational affiliates, and clients who use woodworking services. Our members hold to a high code of ethics, with attention to both quality of workmanship and to the way they conduct business.

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