This kitchen features blue print matched reconstituted rosewood wood veneer with the 3M pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) backer. The new cabinets are actually Ikea cabinets with the addition of exotic wood veneer to achieve a bold and custom look for a fraction of the cost.

Coffee Tables

This DIY coffee table has a clean, modern look with Reconstituted Wenge wood veneer. Once the design and construction was complete, applying the peel and stick veneer was the easy part. The finished product is both functional and beautiful.


This do it yourself photo frame is one of a kind. The Reconstituted Black Ash wood veneer makes the photo really stand out.


The Cherry wood veneer with PSA backer is the finishing touch on this set of speakers. A weekend home project that will bring many years of beautiful music.

iPhone Cases

Custom made iPhone cases with laser engravings. These were made from calico hickory wood veneer, and quarter cut padauk wood veneer. Each have a peel and stick (3M PSA) adhesive backer.