Looking for that competitive edge? Want to work smarter not harder? Do you need more time to do the important things that help make your company profitable? We can help. At WiseWood Veneer we are constantly thinking of ways to help our partners do what they’re best at. Another example of this is our Custom Stocking Program (CSP). This service is designed for any business, large or small, and offers benefits literally anyone can take advantage of. The program is ideally suited for any company that is using a specific amount of veneer, edge banding or profile wrapping veneer on a regular or semi-regular basis. The essence of the program is very simple. You tell us what you need, we will have your items in stock and ship quantities determined by you as you need them. This helps us define our inventory to meet your needs. You will have the advantage of getting the best pricing while reducing your cost for storing, managing and maintaining valuable inventory at your location.

Put our inventory to work for you, it’s the Wise thing to do!

The program was designed with stock items in mind but it is not limited to those items only. We can tailor your program to include custom items from the wide assortment of veneers, edge banding and profile wrapping materials available to us. These products are handled the same way as stock items but may be subject to slightly different conditions when establishing the program.

You owe it to yourself to explore all of the possibilities and benefits a custom stocking program from WiseWood Veneer has to offer.

WiseWood Veneer’s Customized Stocking Program Highlights

  • Have veneer according to your species, size, grade, color, backer requirements available and ready to ship, so virtually no lead times
  • Streamline your purchasing process
  • Designed for both large and small customers
  • Enjoy fixed costs for veneer that you’ve enrolled in our Stocking Program – you receive maximum volume discount pricing
  • Reduce your inventory costs
  • Improve your cash flow
  • Free up space in your warehouse
  • Have one direct contact person available to you that would oversee all aspects of your order from start to finish

How does it work? Simple.

  • Based on average usage, you place a Blanket Purchase Order (BPO) locking in pricing for a specified time period. Veneer is shipped in quantities and dates as specified on BPO or as requested by the customer as needed.
  • You pay only as the veneer is released.
  • You save the costs associated with carrying and managing the inventory.
  • You have the advantage of knowing that your veneer will be ready and waiting when you need to have it shipped eliminating stressful and costly delivery delays.

For further details and quotes on all our custom product options, please contact WiseWood Veneer today.