White Oak Wood Veneer Cabinet Refacing Kit, Rift Cut
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The rift cut white oak wood veneer kit comes complete with everything you need to get started on a refacing project.

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The white oak wood veneer kits come with 2’ x 8’ (16 sq ft) rift cut white oak veneer sheets and edge banding. White oak veneer is typically a straw colored light tan-brown to a creamy beige wheat color and it has a coarse texture with an alternating tight to porous grain. Due to the abundance of tylose in its cells it is resistant to decay. White oak is a common American hardwood that is strong, dense, but easy to work with. The paper backed flexible veneer sheets have a 3M™ pressure sensitive adhesive applied to the back. The edge banding is 7/8” wide and is pre glued with a hot melt adhesive. Kit sizes are determined by the amount of veneer, edge banding and accessories included. Additional peel and stick rift white oak veneer sheets and iron on edge banding are available separately. Premium grade of rift white oak wood veneer is sometimes referred to as comb grain white oak veneer and has almost no defects.

Kit Includes:

  • 3M™ PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) backed wood veneer species
    • Small Kit – (1) 2×8 sheet (16 sq.ft.) – 8 to 10 openings
    • Medium Kit – (2) 2×8 sheet (32 sq.ft.) – 10 to 12 openings plus 2 end panels
    • Large Kit – (3) 2×8 sheet (48 sq.ft.) – 14 to 16 openings plus 2 to 4 end panels
    • Extra Large Kit – (4) 2×8 sheet (64 sq.ft.) – 16 to 20 openings plus 4 to 6 end panels
  • Pre glued wood edge banding to match the veneer
    • 100′, 150′, or 250′ depending on kit size
  • Knife to cut the veneer / edge banding
  • Veneer scraper
  • Sanding block
  • Detailed step by step application instructions
  • 120, 150, and 180 grit sandpaper
  • Tack cloth

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Kit Size

Small (16 sq. ft.), Medium (32 sq. ft.), Large (48 sq. ft.), Extra Large (64 sq. ft.)