Benefits of DIY Cabinet Refacing for a Kitchen or Bathroom Makeover

Kitchen cabinet drawers with a beautiful, light real wood veneer.

If you are happy with your kitchen cabinets but they just need an update, DIY cabinet refacing with real wood veneer is the best option to achieve a “new look” without spending a fortune. There are endless possibilities for consideration when you use natural wood veneer to reface existing cabinets. Change from dark wood to light wood, light wood to dark wood or even painted cabinets to natural wood with real wood veneer. Cabinet refacing is about 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of cabinet replacement. Most of the time you can reface right over the existing surface without the smell and mess of stripping the finish with harsh chemicals. You also don’t have the mess or inconvenience of a complete kitchen demo.

Do-It-Yourself Cabinet Refacing is Easier Than You Think

Many companies offer professional cabinet refacing as a service, but for anyone with basic DIY skills and ambition, it’s a project that you can accomplish on your own. There are many resources for purchasing PSA wood veneer, replacement doors, drawer fronts and any hardware you would need to do a complete kitchen refacing project. The process doesn’t require any special tools and a basic understanding of measuring and cutting material is helpful. The advantage of DIY cabinet refacing is both rewarding and financially smart at the same time.  Choosing refacing over replacement of kitchen cabinets will not only save money, but it’s less disruptive to daily function during the entire process. It’s hard to match the beauty of natural real wood cabinets, but it can be done at a fraction of the cost of cabinet replacement.

DIY Cabinet refacing before and after with real wood veneer
Before & After: Take a cabinet with an outdated wood tone and create a light, modern look using real wood veneer. Doing it yourself will save on labor costs, which is often the bulk of many remodeling project prices.

Extra Resources to Help You Succeed

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